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111 sq.m
Stylish and bold

Modern interiors are complex and luxurious in their own way, without pomp or excess. Discreet chic is no easier, and sometimes more difficult to repair and more demanding on the budget and beautiful designer furniture.
We got an apartment without walls, only with supporting columns and pipes. But there were many wishes: two adult bedrooms, a children’s room for two, and two separate baths (one with a shower), and of course, a large living room and kitchen. The hall, of course, should also not be small with separate dirty entrance areas.
All the finishing in the apartment is made with natural materials - marble tiles, wooden slats, natural veneer. Lots of walls to paint.

A fantastic children's room is a story about how light and delicate things may not always suit a child.

And in the bedroom for our customer’s parents, it was important to combine classic elements with the modern spirit of the entire apartment.




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